Failing Forward

It was the fall of 1979 when G. Meek Carpentry was in its infancy. We began by providing rough and finish carpentry for custom homes and large commercial retail spaces. During that season, I was a “driver” and pushed our crews beyond what was reasonable. In one month, I released from service more than thirty carpenters.

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Schedule: Are you ahead of schedule or behind?

The observation was compelling. My wife Carol and I were walking one evening, and I happened to start counting her steps. For every three I would take, her stride required four to keep up. This analogy depicts what is important to remember about our own life’s schedule and direction. We are all gifted differently and according to God’s schedule. We should never compare ourselves to others.

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The Construction King

Is your life under construction? I have come to the conclusion that my faith walk is a work in progress. This coincides with the construction process from my 36 years in the building industry. The battle cry of our company is that everything rises and falls upon leadership. Leading ourselves first and then leading our teams.

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