Who do others see when they look at you?

They may see a man, a woman. A father, a mother; a son, a daughter.

A neighbor, a boss, a leader, a friend.

But if they look a little deeper, or perhaps a little truer, what else do they see? Or more importantly, who?

So many of us spend our hours, our days, our lives focused on the what – the success, the fame, the paycheck, the bottom line. But the truth is, these are a mirage. They’re images we project that have no substance, ideas that simply are not real about who we really are.

But if we’ll pause, and dig deeper, we’ll find that the truest person we can be and the realest work we can do is found not in ourselves, but in the One we reflect. Just as a still lake reflects the splendor of the mountains and the moon reflects the radiant light of the sun, so we are called to reflect His light and love and beauty.

And when we do

our integrity reflects His holiness.

our diligence reflects His worthiness.

our boldness reflects His strength.

our generosity reflects His love.

our humility reflects the humble King.

our peace reflects the voice who calms the storms.

our greatness reflects the creator who hung the stars in the sky.

This is where the extraordinary comes to life in the ordinary. Because it’s in the place of reflection that we realize that any task – from hammering a nail, to editing a spreadsheet, to hosting a dinner, to designing a logo, to building a home – can reflect God as long as it’s done for His glory, and not our own.

So now is the time to reflect. Reflect on your past to build a better future. Reflect on your time, your thoughts, your habits, your decisions. But most of all, through the power of the Spirit, reflect the radiant glory of God in all that you do.

For this is what we were created to be. Glorious Reflections.