Jerry creates and shares resources and content to help overwhelmed Christian business leaders rediscover their eternal purpose and their earthly mission, and find unending joy in their life and leadership.

Books from Jerry Meek

What will you do in the waiting?

In Jerry’s new book, While You Wait, you’ll find purpose in your “not yets” and learn to focus on the magnitude of our God, not the size of our struggles.

Leadership on the Level

There are many problems plaguing even the most successful leaders. In leadership, you will always carry a weight, and it must be balanced. In his book, Leadership on the Level, Jerry Meek, founder of Desert Star Construction, shares the keys to achieving balanced leadership.

Through a guided tour of the well-known “Sermon on the Mount,” you’ll uncover how your internal motivations play out in your life and the organizations you lead. By taking an architectural review of the blueprints in the gospel and applying it to your life, you’ll come away with:

●  A nuanced and real-world application of scripture and teaching for your everyday life

●  A roadmap for aligning your life and organization to truth

●  How to bring the right people on the team and create a thriving culture

●  How to stay true to your vision and values (i.e. maintain your integrity), especially through seasons of hardship.

It’s time to start leading on the level that you were created to ― causing yourself and those around you to thrive and live the abundant life that is available to every one of us.

“In his new book, Leadership on the Level, my friend Jerry Meek answers some of the most pertinent questions in leadership today: How can leaders align themselves with their team, values, and mission? What happens when you invest in and empower a trusted team? What happens when things aren’t “on the level”? Jerry has provided these answers and more, which makes this book a must read for any leader.”

— Dr. John C. Maxwell, #1 New York Times bestselling author and leadership expert

Be Great… Before It’s Too Late


It doesn’t matter whether you are eight or eighty-eight—ordinary can become extraordinary with just a little extra effort, thought, planning, and perspective.

Are you living a life on its way to being great or a life that will fall short of your ultimate destiny?

In Be Great…Before It’s Too Late, Jerry Meek dives deep into the stories of some of the most inspiring men and women in history and explores both their valleys and their peaks. You will see the benefits of their discipline and the rewards of finishing the race and you will be reminded of the importance of beginning with purpose and finishing strong.

This book is an invitation to a journey to discover what living a life of greatness could look like. While you still have time and a future to experience, what can make the difference in your own life so that you can live a life of greatness?

“Jerry Meek gives us a ‘never give up’ inspirational message. I’ve always believed in such tenacity, but Jerry links such tenacity with a strong faith in God. I am inspired and you will be too!”

-Marshall Larsen, Former CEO of Goodrich Corporation

“Each chapter in this book is like getting an appointment with someone who has learned how to be great and yet wants to see you become even greater. Whether you know where you’re headed in life or not, this book can help you get there in a greater way. Don’t miss your appointment.”

-Preston Morrison, Senior Pastor of Gateway Church, Scottsdale, AZ

“In a world where greatness is in short supply, Be Great…Before It’s Too Late is a must read for every leader who wants to find the true definition of greatness.”

-Lee Domingue, Legacy Pastor, Church of the Highlands, Birmingham, Alabama

Team Builder Toolbox


Like a builder’s toolbox, these important tools can be collected and shared. Each one has its unique purpose from sharpening leadership skills and refining character to invigorating creativity and advancing personal and professional integrity.

The thirteen tools described in this book were carefully crafted and implemented over time with the same enduring standard of excellence that has been used to build some of the world’s most distinguished residential and commercial projects. From the moment you discover these tools for yourself, your best results will connect with your hopes and dreams as they lay the foundation of what you and your team build together today and for the future.

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