What is Your Investment Focus?

Like many, you have recently navigated the complexities of submitting your income tax return, providing a clear snapshot of your annual tax responsibilities, especially those tied to various investment timelines. Most of us would prefer the favorable rates that accompany long-term capital gains. It is also a reminder to plan for long-term growth, which requires time.  This contemplation about taxes leads me to reflect on the nature of our investments, particularly in our businesses, where we steadfastly seek to prioritize people above and beyond profits. This philosophy springs from a firm belief that true, significant achievements are the fruits of collective effort.

As we wrapped up last year and moved into the strategic planning phase, I was particularly focused on enhancing our investment in a select group of our team members. The pivotal question I grappled with was: What form of investment in them would yield the highest return for them personally and professionally?

I’ve shared the diverse backgrounds of our team members—individuals who’ve transitioned from various trades such as roadwork, utilities, welding, and carpentry. These remarkable people grew to become Superintendents, leading the construction of some of the largest homes in Arizona or carving out specialized niches within  DSC Concierge®.

We are committed to being Construction Professionals. This year, we initiated our Construction Professional Development—Superintendent Program, integrating five individuals whose rich tapestry of experiences and expertise is drawn from numerous projects with Team DSC®. What exactly does this development curriculum include?

You use steel to sharpen steel, and one friend sharpens another.

– King Solomon

Character Development: Our initial sessions focus on character building, reinforcing the importance of robust personal character to underpin our successes.  A developed, well-rounded 360-degree character is our intent rather than settling for a flat or static presence.

Integrity: We draw parallels between structural and personal integrity, emphasizing the fortification of our core. My father’s teachings resonate deeply here; he instilled in me that integrity is our most valuable asset, worthy of perpetual investment.

Plans and Specifications: This includes ensuring we have all the necessary resources for successful project completion and meticulous coordination of plans. We address discrepancies—like a swimming pool’s placement differing in civil versus architectural drawings—prioritizing clash detection to avoid conflicts, which is crucial for complex elements like plumbing (what comes in and what goes out) and ductwork (controlling the environment) beneath the building.  This also applies to the human element in any walk of life. Just as careful planning ensures successful projects, addressing discrepancies in yourself is crucial for creating a cohesive and productive environment in all areas of life.

Building Blocks: Our journey includes mastering each fundamental element of the construction process, focusing on principles applicable to projects ranging from 5,000 to 50,000 square feet.  Each intricate piece has a purpose and place in how the puzzle or project comes together.

Transparency: Among my favorite aspects of the construction industry are the people and the relationships we build, along with managing large-scale projects with significant onsite teams. The training sessions are engaging and interactive, allowing me to impart decades of lessons learned, including the missteps that have propelled my personal and professional growth, intending to address their current challenges.

My commitment remains steadfast: continually investing in a talented group of individuals on the journey to develop to their full potential. Let me challenge and encourage you: Who within your organization are you investing in? How are you ensuring that your investments in people are as deliberate and beneficial as those you make financially?

“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.”

– Bill Gates

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Our investments in team members are crucial, so today, be deliberate in nurturing potential within your organization just as you manage financial resources.


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