Integrity is worth the cost

It was the fall of 1979 when G. Meek Carpentry was in its infancy. We began by providing rough and finish carpentry for custom homes and large commercial re

Early in my career during my first project of over a million dollars, the client requested a meeting. The contract was for $1.4m, and he had a duffle bag with $1.2m in cash. He asked if he could pay me in advance in cash with a lesser amount. I thanked him for the offer but responded, “we don’t do business that way.” I also said, “ if I accept this offer, you will never be able to trust me in the future.”

I garnered the client’s respect because I was unwilling to compromise my integrity and knew the answer before he asked the question. Over 30 years, we have built three unique projects based on integrity with that client. Was I tempted? Yes. Yet, at that moment, I realized that we should never be willing to compromise our future at the expense of satisfying the present. 

Even right now, you may be faced with a tough choice. Be encouraged: no matter how challenging the situation may be, making a decision based on integrity will always pay off in the long run.

When making a decision, I always ask myself:

1. Does the action I’m about to take align with my values? 

2. Do all possible outcomes of my decision align with my values?

Maybe the inflection point you find yourself at in your life or business hasn’t arrived just yet, but reflecting on how you can live with integrity will ensure you are prepared when the time comes

I’ll leave you with a poignant scripture on this topic, “Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but whoever takes crooked paths will be found out.” Proverbs 10:9 

Remember, integrity may feel costly but it will always pay off!

Seeking to live in His reflection,


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