Are You Shaking Your Salt? | Shake Salt and Shine Light Part 2

Let’s start with with what Matthew says:

Here’s another way to put it: You’re here to be light, bringing out the God-colors in the world. God is not a secret to be kept. We’re going public with this, as public as a city on a hill.” Matthew 5:14, The Message

I recall many years ago when we were packing up from a weekend away. To avoid traffic, we would sometimes stay Sunday night and leave at 3:30 in the morning to return to work and avoid traffic. Being in a remote place, I would have given anything for some light; especially when I heard animals and could see their eyes looking at me. Putting on the headlights made a big difference.

Jesus is very clear about what He says in this verse. This is a command, not a suggestion. Jesus says, “If you are light, then shine!” This is not an option. We are here to affect all mankind positively.

He was saying, “I have great faith in you.” Jesus believes in us and wants us to shine wherever we are. How do we shine? The mode of shining, he tells us, is “good deeds.” Jesus wants our light to shine through beautiful, attractive works!

As a teenager, I recall looking back at biblical commentary about shining your light. The reason the light was put on a stand was to get the light as high as possible. The light would be placed on a stand that would reach almost to the ceiling of a room the higher the light the more light would spread. It occurred to me that this was an example of excellence in business and life. What is shining your light? It is a call to excellence. If you are going to be a ditch digger, be the best. For our light to shine bright, we need to be our personal best – not somebody else’s. As it says in Genesis 1:24, God divided the light and dark. “And God saw the light, that it was good; and God divided the light from the darkness.”

The question that comes to mind is if I am an invisible Christian. Are you? What light am I shining? Is it God’s light, or am I trying to shine for me? Josh McDowell is a popular and well-respected author who I sought out when searching to become more effective as a believer. He asked if we were arrested because we were Christian, would there be evidence to convict us? Honestly, in years past, I wonder if it would have been guilty or not guilty? How about you?

So many times, we try to be more than what God wants us to be and run the risk of trying to shine someone else’s light. Some of us are 100, 200, 300, or 1,000 watts! I have been around a few supernovas that shine; it is inspirational. Remember You ARE the light of the world. Are you the light in YOUR world? Friends, family, church, school, and business? “Brighten the corner where you are.” 

I have had many opportunities to work on construction projects with Christians and have had mixed results. The ones who spent all their time quoting scripture and trying to convert everyone were not excellent at their job. The believers in Christ who did excellent work let their “Good Deeds” speak for themselves. Being a light means giving out God’s word one way or the other. From a business perspective, it is about results. Remember, a witness is asked questions. Is your light shining bright enough for people to ask you the source of your light?

Seeking to live in His reflection,


P.S. Watch for next month’s newsletter, where I’ll dive into Part 3 of the “Shake Your Salt and Shine Your Light” series.

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