The Best Books for Christian Leaders

I am constantly looking for resources that help me grow and better steward leaders as they rediscover their purpose and find joy in life. Below are the five best books I recommend to Christian business leaders. I hope they help you as you seek to reflect His reflection through your life’s work.

Why this book?

In business, we all have the skills to succeed in our given fields of expertise. Being good at something does not guarantee success. Integrity shows the value of having the Integrity to succeed in business and life. Everyone has Integrity, but how well has it been developed? Like a boat, what are we leaving in our wake? It is more than the money we make; it is the relationships and results. Dr. Cloud teaches the actual cost of a bad employee, regardless of how much money they bring in. If you genuinely intend to be successful in all areas, you must understand that Integrity is the courage and skills to face the demands of reality. Maturing your character will allow you to build a prosperous life and business that will last beyond your lifetime.

God in the Marketplace
By Henry T. Blackaby, Richard Blackaby

Why this book?

This book allowed me to read 45 questions from Fortune 500 asking about faith, life, and business. Have you ever felt you were missing the answers to success in business? If you aren’t getting what you need to know, you may not ask the right questions. With God in The Marketplace, we see the emphasis on not letting anyone do your thinking for you. We all consider what we can do to change our family, business, and church. Nothing can happen without first seeing how God wants to transform us. We all know that without solving problems, our company has no profits; by applying the principles in the book and trusting God, we can become more like Christ in every situation. When you finish this book, you will realize that God will raise you up, and people will observe your conduct as a Christian Businessperson. At the end of your business career, people will not keep a score of how many corporate conflicts you won; they will remember if you acted like a genuine Christian.

A Life of Excellence
By Richard E. Simmons III

Why this book?

Excellence comes from two Latin root words which together mean: “to rise out from.” Excellence is the quality of rising to one’s expected potential. The author finds a way to capture an area we all can get off track. We can be excellent when we stop worrying about being better than someone else. Our destinies are yet to be determined, and we can still become exceptional. Excellence is about leading our lives in a way that we will leave a legacy. Another reason we do not achieve excellence in our personal lives is that so many people are not on a quest for truth and wisdom but instead on a search for pleasure and happiness. We see how doing the right—far exceeds being right. The quotes from John Maxwell and Darren Hardy, among others, give valuable insights that you can start where you are today to Live a Life of Excellence.

Jesus, CEO
By Laurie Beth Jones

Why this book?

I like Jesus, CEO for many reasons. I read it when it first came out in the mid-1990s. It is a staple in my library because the principles it brings forth are timeless. It focuses on the strength of self-mastery, action, and relationships. These were crucial elements that Jesus used with the disciples. I was challenged to see life’s opportunities and do something new to celebrate them. We all want the next big thing, yet it is ok to start small and do your best. It was the realization that we all want to be successful in business but are we taking time for people in need? Jesus always had a plan and gave clear instructions. Lastly, when profit is the only measurement, the results lead to exploitation. Jesus changed the measure from self to others, and He came to give and not to get.

Trusting God
By Jerry Bridges

Why this book?

Trusting God reinforced the benefit of putting our faith into action. It was constructive learning what will happen when we view our circumstances through the eyes of faith, faith in God! We see the simple yet profound knowledge that no detail in our life is insignificant to our creator. If you believe in Christ, you will see that God has a plan and the power to carry out your life’s pursuit. As your trust grows, so will your personal and business success. We will gain confidence to see that our true destinies are in His hands, not anyone else’s. God Guides us step by step. When we trust, we will avoid needless detours. No matter what happens in your life, you will see that nothing is impossible for God and that things meant for your harm will turn into something good when you trust God.

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I hope these resources bless you as much as they have blessed me, and help you find unending joy in your life and leadership.

Seeking to live in His reflection,


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